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Social Transformation through Access to Justice

Our Mission & Goals


Human Rights Pillars

The AJS Policy expounds Article 159(2) c on the judicial duty to promote AJS which consists of the following elements
  • Duty to Protect

  • Duty to Respect

  • Duty to Transform

We Care about Access to Justice

Changing the Justice Narrative


Our work in Kajiado County

Kajiado county basing on its peculiar issues around disputes and conflict mitigation and especially the setup of cultural dynamics which for a long time has been a barrier to development and land management and resulted to conflict and disputes....

Our work in Nakuru County

The question of access to justice in Nakuru County is synonymous with most counties in Kenya; it is a critical pillar for poverty reduction and sustainable development. Unfortunately, majority of Kenyans have largely been unable to access justice owning a myriad of reasons including; social-economic, legal and political factors.

Our work in Isiolo County

Conflicts and violence taking the form of cattle rustling, ethnic violence, displacements and massacres have characterised inter-communal and clan relations among the various pastoralist communities of northern Kenya and the greater Horn of Africa region.

Alternative Justice Systems

Justice is a consititutionally guaranteed right.

Justice in Everyday Life

Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands in the way of love.

Restoratove Justice

If our desire for justice is not rooted primarily in the pursuit of restoration, then reconciliation will be nearly impossible to achieve.

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Justice in Everyday Life

One of the core principles in the Constitution to guide administration of justice and the exercise of judicial authority is […]



Expanding the Doorways of Justice:
Collaborative Justice as An Avenue for
Social Transformation

Speech Multi-door access to justice Hon. Chief Justice

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